by David Jacobi

Directed by Emily Whelan

Widower 1 2.28
Widower 2 2.28
Widower 3 2.28
 Mandel Weiss
Forum Theatre

Lighting Design by Chaoyu Tsai

Costume Design by Danae McQueen

Sound Design by Jeffery Splash Yang

      Jonas is home alone. His drug addict father has disappeared. Hattie, a former professional wrestler who has fallen on hard times, shows up out of the blue. Stuck together in a home in the middle in the New Mexico desert, Jonas and Hattie wrestle with the truth of who they are and the lies they tell to get by. When the Exterminator arrives, Jonas and Hattie soon realize that the only allies they have may be each other. Widower explores what happens when villains turn into heroes, enemies turn into allies, and loss is transformed into something approximating redemption.